Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tool # 3 Assignment: Videos and Images in the SciSpot Blog

It's always good to give your blog buds immediate access to the topic at hand.  By embedding videos and images, you can support your point of view with visual content.  For example, if you wanted someone to see the effects of chemicals in everyday life, you may want to share a link to a video like this one:
Fish are Vanishing in California
Even more instantaneous would be to embed the video or image right into your blog.  An example of this might be when a chemical is difficult to acquire or far to dangerous for the classroom, you can show video of the chemical in question and its dangerous properties without needing a vent hood for your computer.  Here is a video from You Tube of people throwing chunks of pure Sodium into a pond of water:

Or this one where they sacrifice a gummy bear to the gods of science:

As far as copyrights and fair use go, I have learned that as long as you are posting to an account managed by an educational network, you can post whatever you want.

I guess I could use Dropbox to allow my students access to additional resources, graphics, and literature.  Additionally, students could access assignments and other related science information.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Few Good Blogs...

Some of the science blogs I have recently visited have more to do with opinion and less to do with the cold, hard, facts of science.  Others deal with the entertainment value of science by discrediting celebrity rants and previewing new technology that "uncovers" altered photos by digitally unmasking the pictures.  Another deals with emerging technology, like Gizmag, and another reviews past scientific achievement.  I think that the blog's intention is to add personal experience or relevance to the topic.  However, clearinghouses or hubs of information serve a purpose as well.  I liken it to the Comedy Channel's Tosh.O as a nexus of stupid videos of people...make that videos of stupid people that will soon be lost from the gene puddle because of their not so common sense.

11 Things So Far...

So far, this is fairly easy.  I like listening to Karen's voice because she is very easy to follow and understand.  The most time consuming thing is making your avatar in Voki.  Mine is a hot dog...don't know why, just thought it was fun.  May change it later.