Saturday, March 10, 2012

Using Google Apps in the Classroom...

In my last blog, I embedded a quiz on Dimensional Analysis that I created using Google Forms.  I think this is a really useful tool.  I also shared it with the other Science teacher for her to use with her class.  It is a really simple 5 question quiz and the form will collect the answers from each student and you can view it like an Excel file and assign grades very easily and quickly.
I think that these tools will be especially helpful between our teaching team members and other 8th grade team members for things like interdisciplinary activities and lessons, classroom management, extracurricular activities, class lists, and field trips.  It would also make it easier for all of us to communicate electronically and stay in the loop.  However, I do feel that it may lead to a small amount of alienation if one or two team members decide not to participate or cooperate.
I am excited the most by using form tools with my students...because I already have and it was really easy.  It is very useful for checking for understanding of concepts.  By having my students take the quiz mentioned above, I was able to see who was still struggling with DA, who was comfortable with it, and who is excelling at it.

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