Thursday, April 5, 2012

Devices in the Classroom

     After completing the 11 Tools requirements, I will receive 4 Dell Netbooks and 4 iPads.  I learned that the Netbooks had webcams and microphone inputs.  I already knew that the iPads had video applications but did not know the Netbooks were capable of video, as well.  This will make reaching outside the classroom much simpler.  It will allow the upstairs team to communicate with the downstairs team where ever they are located.  We could even transmit real time video of the labs and share them with the other team.
     As far as management of the devices, I would like to label them so that they do not get mixed up with other devices from other teachers.  I assume the when I check them out, I am fully responsible for their security.  I also  plan revisiting the district's technology honor code agreement with my students to remind them of their responsibilities for technology software and hardware.  I think that we have pretty good kids here at CSA but it is always the case that if you didn't pay for something with your own money, then you don't seem to respect it as much as if you did.  The laptops got trashed soon after the students started moving them around the room.  I cannot let that happen to these devices.  I think tracking 8 devices will be much more manageable than keeping tabs on 20 or 30 devices.
     Also, limiting the devices use to curriculum content will keep the abuse to a minimum.  I used them the other day and the students enjoyed the accessibility and portability.
     If I would add anything to the package, it would be headphone splitters, so that two students who are sharing a device could listen at the same time.

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