Sunday, April 15, 2012

Digital Citizenship

     Three things that I would want my students to understand about being good digital citizens are as follows:  1 - there are consequences for every action taken, be it good or bad;  2 - they need to understand completely the district's acceptable use policy that they sign at the beginning of each school year and maybe even review its parameters periodically; and 3 - that "they" are in control of "their" one else.
     In my classroom, I plan to use the "Acceptable Use Policy" and the "Student Blogging Guidelines".  To teach digital citizenship, I plan on monitoring student use, have a student sign-out sheet for the classroom technology devices so there is a paper trail back to each unit, and by keeping the lessons and activities motivating and timed so that there isn't any downtime for foolishness or off-task behavior (hopefully).  And, I think that if I were to share the student's work with their families or invite them to participate, it would definitely be a deterrent to situations where the student was inappropriate or off task with their work.

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