Sunday, April 15, 2012

Incorporating Classroom Based Devices in the Curriculum

     It is important to tie technology to the objective because the learner of today is surrounded by technology and if you incorporate it into the lesson, the learner will not only learn by using the technology, they will learn the technology itself.  By holding the students responsible and accountable they learn to respect the devices and behavior problems should be kept to a minimum.
     After visiting some of the sites, I found that many of them could be used as stations for individual lessons and for completing connections and linking ideas.  Some that were especially interesting were PhETInteractive, and Thinkfinity.  I believe that I could use these sites and their activities and interactive applications to introduce, reinforce, or review a variety of science concepts that are necessary in my curriculum.  I believe you could set up each activity as a timed station with some quality questions to answer at each station, therefore holding the students accountable for the information at each station.
     Some of these websites will have to be accessed by students on the NetBooks because iPads do not have a Flash player and will not show the tutorial or interactive lesson.
     Some iPad applications that could be used include Science specific podcasts on iTunes such as "Brainstuff" from the people at How Stuff Works and "60 Second Science" from the publishers of Scientific American.  Another good app is PhysicalSci, which is an interactive glossary from CPO (Cambridge Physics Outlet) which is the publisher of the textbook that we use in class.  One more to try is "Video Science" from the Science House Foundation.  This app plays videos on specific science subjects and gives the student a very detailed explanation and backs it up with video.  To make students accountable at stations like this, I would have some questions prepared for them to answer while interacting with the apps.  Other possible ways to make the students accountable would be for them to blog about the topic on what they learned or what questions they may still have about the topic.

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